and meat have been used, and there is no way Sumi, the store also can not get away Sen, quickly went to the restaurant Wantong let her go buy Viagra financial help.

  Lunch o’clock, “eating” It was packed, Sumi and Zhang Yuyu 苏州桑拿网erupted even have superhuman powers are also busy, but luckily Lee sent two people to come and help, Sumi also taking advantage of this opportunity to Zhang Yuyu called the kitchen, taught her how to cook.

  ☆, one hundred and thirtieth eight chapters: braised chicken with roasted potatoes

  ”The fish do when not too hard, put more seasoning vinegar, salt, and took a few may bad, and ah, remember, the wine is very fishy can, put as long as you do when some wine inside, there is no smell, and Yu Yu, the way other people do and say, Murong son of their restaurants do not have this capability, which can be considered our secret.”Kosumi told Zhang Yuyu side of the road should be how to do this hot and sour steak, while low voice she asked.
  ”Rest assured, I’m not stupid, this thing two know that someone else is, I do not tell my mot北京风月网her.”Zhang Yuyu quickly and Sumi guarantee.
  ”I naturally believe you, or else I will not let you come help me.”Sumi said with a smile.
  Zhang Yuyu eyes flashed a hint of moving, did not speak, but with more thought, hand movements are faster and more.
  In this way, a religion seriously, but also to learn another fast, Wantong restaurants out there to help folks greeting, so it will be busy over the.
  Wait until the evening, before dinner, they shut up shop, not to say do not want to make money or tired of dying, but we are not vegetables and meat, this time to prepare too late, simply to shut up shop and began today’s inventory of water.
  ”Remove costs, net today, eleven ounces of silver.”Sumi carefully consideredAfter the news was announced.
  ”Eleven ounces of silver, enough to earn a year of our countryman, Sumi ah, you can be really powerful.”Zhang Yuyu have looked at his hand and held the money Sumi said with some emotion.
  ”Let the village people are poor, those in the town do not Suansha.”Sumi put away that money