by a group of bandits attacked.

  That’s dozens of black people, the face covered with a black mask, one by one all martial arts master.
  They put extraordinary skill Xiao Yi is in the middle of his round of round of attacks.
  Even Shaw Station in extraordinary skill, can not withstand such attacks.
  Soon, he fell in a pool of blood.
  Those gangsters, Xiao know in the siege of the army, was unable to escape out of them, already well prepared to d南宁夜生活网ie, when they were rounded up in, sword suicide.
  The last one to live, it is only left a word, that they are killing Xiao Yi, in order to avenge Northern Liao.
  So Xiao Yi was assassinated awful detective, became Northern Liao’s handwriting.
  However, Xiao Hou Fu I think this thing is done of Northern Liao.
  First of all, this siege Xiao Yi dozens of martial arts masters, all masters of the Central Plains, Central Plains martial arts are also used, and acting location in the vicinity of the capital.
  If Northern Liao people do, why they are not on the boundary of the Northern Territory hands it?Why does it take away the opposite direction of it?
  This is quite unreasonable.
  Xiao Hou Fu do not believe this is the person for the Northern Liao.
  However, Xiao Yi Zhou is a big generals, even if Northern Liao people killed Xiao Yi, Zho南宁桑拿u still large for the other generals, to attack Northern Liao.
  And now Northern Liao Mobei to beat back hundreds of years, presumably also bruised and battered, there is no longer thought to the original plan the killing of Xiao Yi vent their anger revenge.
  So, this must be someone else did it, and then blame the Northern Liao person’s head.
  At that time, in Chodo, Xiao Hou Fu limelight Masamori time, I do not know how many eyes staring at Xiao Houfu.
  Late emperor was still alive, is no