him to do, hands and feet is definitely impossible, even loudly denounced him, she now I could not bear, 北京风月网and a patient with such care, should not always.

  ”Do not deceive me with this thing.”Finally, a thousand words, but also just merged into one sentence, she looked at him complain, no matter how heavy the words would not come.
  ”okay, I get it.”Xiao Yu suddenly up modestly.
  ”Good sleep, good or bad?”Wen nine said to him with a tone of negotiation.
  Wen listened to nine words, Xiao Yu seems to be thinking for a moment, then gave her a negative answer:
  ”not good.”
  Xiao Yu see this attitude, no matter how good-natured people also can not stand, let alone warm nine originally not a good-natured person.
  She was so angry soon broke out, and this time heard Xiao Yu also said:
  ”Unless you.promise.One thing I.”
  ”what’s up?You said.”Wen for her bide rushed Xiao Yu said..
  This requires listening to the rustling Y深圳桑拿网u Wen nine suddenly blushing.
  This man lives almost gone, the moment actually was thinking about such a thing!
  ”Xiao Yu杭州桑拿.”Wen nine embarrassed to take the initiative to kiss Xiao Yu, almost never done this thing before she.
  ”Here.No outsiders.”Xiao Yu watching helplessly temperature Nine, as if to say, as long as he does not kiss him, he would not go to bed.
  Wen nine know, Xiao Yu is the moment to see her weakness, that she worried about him, and it hurt him suffering, it is impossible to nine temperature because this little thing fell out with him, he will certainly be down.
  This man really is particularly cunning way!
  Although available, Xiao Yu is now sick, but very warm but not willing to nine, and it was not willing to own Xiao Yu to a threat to the.
  She is also willing to own weakness, Xiao Yu to be caught.
  This man is now lyi