ould not be effective.

  ”Okay, you go first, teachers at home waiting for you to dinner.”Wu guards lure you start the car, flew to the city center to open.
  Military canteen, Qi Yue Lei Jun 301boy who followed the same table to eat, it is fun.
  Lei Jun booing boys take to eat with rice, canned, Lei Jun nod went to the dormitory, but only to bring canned bowl put Qi Yue, greedy 301boy take the green eyes who can not wait to start looting, but the force value ratio but Lei Jun only looked on helplessly.
  Or Qi Yue could not bear their eyes, from the hands of canned Lei Jun to lead to everyone bowl put a tablespoon of canned and it was the result of a hollowed out.
  Lei Jun blankly took the empty bottle, eyes swept past, 301boy who Runiaoshousan Dayton, holding h南宁夜网is baby lunch box to find another dinner table smiling.
  Qi Yue was amused, advised the sentence: “You are so stingy, so they got home, eat and will not give you.”
  ”This is your hand-made.”Lei Jun holds empty cans bottles, his face hidden bitterness.
  Qi Yue stunned for a moment to react, he not only wanted to eat food alone, or jealous, a time some dumbfounding, anger at him: “Are you jealous so much, how can I广州桑拿网 bear for individuals?”
  ”Do other people, like you have.”Lei Jun love, then open daily mode.
  Qi Yue hear elated, but scruples public, she blushed and pointed to the boxes he almost did not move: “eat quickly, one will also see the house.”
  After a quarter of an hour, two after dinner, at the school gate like an instructor, square face, forty years old, it was a few days ago with students to Jiyun reservoir training instructor Guo.
  Guo Yue Qi Lei Jun instructor saw around him, and then he quipped: “You find ways on Saturday night back to school, it is for the pretty girl?”
  Qi Yue surprised, looked up to see Lei Jun, Guo instructors glance: “You did not tell her these things?You do not work, like the girl can not discuss.”
  Not being discussed like Qi Yue: “.”
  Lei Jun Wang Qi Yue a direct change the subject: “Guo instructors, 北京夜网you said the house in what position?”
  When it comes down to business, G