ting it?That Shall I teach you to draw anything else?For example, you advance to paint a wedding night?”

  Jiang Rou hand flick, but for Hatano still holding her hand, began this painting would ruin.
  Her breathing dry up, snappily she glared at him: “You are not allowed to say!”
  Qin wild eyes could not conceal his smile, like a spring bubbling brook meandering, gilt Mouguang amber, like a deep-sea blue, hidden inside is unthinkable Wife.
  ”Rest assu北京夜网red,” he kissed the girl a head tilt, “drawn are likely to be seen, I could not bear.”
  Jiang Rou sit still in his arms, his face深圳桑拿网 heat rising, this beginning of summer, she felt not hot.
  Seeing thin-skinned girl covered in smoke shame, Hatano slightly restrained somewhat, down eight children began to teach her how to paint.
  Four days later, came the news in Beijing, North levy troops triumph, three and five miles from the Camp Gyeonggi.
  Jiang Rou know, this is the time to return to Beijing.
  Qin Ye did not go out with her, but the first to leave one day.
  Rou such as ginger rose on the village and do not rely on the twelve days time to return to Beijing, he heard Hatano it was used as a major general of the good news.
  Great summer the youngest major general, less twenties, is heavily under the command done, no one dares to underestimate any.
  North levy victory, Emperor Dragon Heart big Yue, and again, is the wild celebration Qin, immediatel杭州桑拿y decreed three days later, lower-ranking civil and military with his family, held a grand summer hunting activities.
  Jiang Rou carriage only under the forefoot, rear foot early cloud gave her to pack up their bags in preparation for three days of summer hunting activities.
  In the evening, Qin Ye did not come, only to let the flow Zhu Jiang Rou brought a message.
  Three d