hat bureaucratic Zhou Xian soldiers to round up Wai, let alone go out the back door, I am afraid that at this moment the prefect Yamen, even a fly will not fly out.

  Zhang Cheng Oil Stick is rolled ov北京养生会所er several rounds in official circles, and even to misunderstandings.
  He knows that if he can not escape now Jingzhou Cheng, even if he put on a servant’s clothes, hiding around the Yamen servants, and certainly they will be sold out soon.
  So, when he knows that he get out of bureaucratic time, without thinking, I turned around got into the horse shed.
  Zhang officer for so many yearsAlthough it is distributed to the land of bitter cold, but whatever the outcome is a land of high ranking official, this city of Jinju overlord, normally is sheltered, ever spent time in the horse shed?Associate the smell of the horses drowned horse feces, he almost vomit all the food out overnight.
  However, life and death, he can not be picky, seeing the outside, Zhou Xian soldiers began searching up and down the bureaucratic, very, very scared北京夜网 Zhang Cheng.
  He knew this moment Zhou Xian dare fanfare to his Yamen in trouble, must find something conclusive evidence, as long as he was caught, certainly is a dead end, no escape escape, so in any case not be able to now body.
  Seeing a lot of horse feces piled next to horse urine, as well as dirty soil, nausea constitution is not enough, in that hit several roll, let his body were covered with dirty smell, and then caught on the ground a handful of damp Zangtu, wiping his face, to wipe the face of that pungent taste, drill into the nostrils of time, Zhang taught know this is probably something mixed with horse urine and feces of horses.
  However, at this time, he did not so much, is the most important thing to keep try any thing.