oo great for her among the towel drill out, dizzy head not react –

  Ugly color???Clown Ball?
  苏州桑拿Author has to say: This story is easy to clatter, no brains =.=
  Thank you for mines Group CEO sauce little fairy friends!Bojiboji

Chapter 79 is super fierce prison Pa kitten two
  Meow child lifts his snow white cat’s paw, angry beard sprang up, even became a cat, she is the most beautiful village eight miles cat okay!
  This villain young, blind?Mao also Egg??
  This is an insult to cats grid!presumptuous!Asshole!shameless!
  Fiercely angry cat “Mi Wu,” a cry, suddenly rushed past, bright claws are out of course because the body is too small, for men, there is no threat, then it quickly when lifted up, he Tut a cry, do not forget one hand and rub the hair, then these cats carry on,
  ”Clown ball, side to play.”
  Cat Health shame!Crying shame!
  Unfortunately, this opportunity to who Cawan hair, dressed in a bathrobe just waltz away, never to snow a little revenge sub-meow.
  Originally meow child snow again after he called a clown ball, although he felt insulted, but that has been close to a villain, but never imagined, go so agile.
  Gouzi inside of consciousness Luoxue smile playing straight down, saw the host being beaten is really a very pleasant thing, really laugh Luoxue IQ drop became kittens.
  But Luo Xue blankly, chew a piece of towel苏州桑拿网, Dali Gouzi did not laugh, and so on the face of this insult, she must be a good back wherever he goes, and the more people angry is that this stupid villain, even the former face wore a wanton laugh at her!
  Locker room door creaking open, the blond man came in, he is wearing only a bathrobe, looks very handsome, but under that bathrobe, could not conceal the strong muscles, rolled up below sleeves, put a very strong arm also, some very nice lines – is a very masculine-looking man.
  However, Luo Xue after seeing the man, but even flew all the hair stood on end.
  Blond, well-developed limbs, simple-minded, so obviously the standards, the actor is no doubt – but that these original body direct a slap shot dead actor ah!Even Gouzi have put