hair guan’er horse, let him Yangqibozi.

  Looking at a dirty, too close to the original appearance of the face, twice people call pot of cold water poured all at once into a horse groom child’s face.
  A pot of water to go, Zhang painted in the face of horse urine soil, and immediately it was spotlessly clean the.
  ”Hello, adult and!”Liang Hin amused, obviously is a land of high ranking official, at the moment actually embarrassing self-inflicted look like this.
  Fortunately, whe杭州桑拿n he had time, this Zhang Cheng was obviously trying to escape, not enough time to take the do广州桑拿or, or wait for Zhang to leave the hall, and in order to put him in Jinju city to catch up, it should be quite strenuous but now we have saved a lot of the thing.
  Zhang caught, they seized winning his arms, Liang Xuan quickly took him to the line brought before the week.
  And Zhang also know that this time he is completely finished.
  Zhou Xian in the face of ridicule and sarcasm, he was simply ashamed to die, did not think I would actually fell into the hands of Zhou Xian this yokel!
  He thought of himself many years ago in mud houses in the village, burn the midnight oil thinking with, be sure to high school, to the time when the high official, jade silk clothing homecoming, let those who have despise despise him kneeling in front of him kowtow for mercy.
  Just became official, he will have a lot a lot of winning, has thought about wh天津夜网at kind of day!
  After high school he did not want to have been detained in the allocation of land of bitter cold, the Central Plains Yanyu Lou Taiwan, Iraqis warm words, all the pleasures of wealth can not understand the things that are his.
  He could only think of ways to scrape together money, buy Liang Guojiu so that they are removed from here, go to a good