re all praise, he.He later increased the variety and quantity of Diet.

  Warren Star is a very closed agrarian star, are familiar with the neighborhood neighbors to each other, if someone eating herbs and it tasted, it would put this thing to recommend it to others as well as physical benefits.
  Pei Zhou believed that under the word of mouth publicity, their business is not too bad, and herbs such as fire, also can pull business agent.
  Self-serving nodded, Pei boat feel that their idea of the perfect.
  So, he ran back to the clinic to Le Diandian, continue to sit on a stool holding a fox, patiently waiting for the guests Blessings.
  A moment later, the door of the wind rang, a visitor.

Chapter 19 Pei doctors punch Day 19
  The light shines in the down direction, at first glance looked up and saw the boat Pei – is very gorgeous touch of aqua blue skirt.
  Spiraea fine pattern constituting the com深圳桑拿网plex waves, conjugated to a finely divided wave spar, as hostess thick tail tip moving on the ground, spread layers of crepe, like a spray of water droplets from the darting, shiny brilliance.
  Pei boat to see robust, hearts flew with a thought, this is great patrons come ah!
  Warren is an agricultural star star, people here generally wear plain, with little dressed so gorgeous complicated, but look at this precious cloth or handkerchief, a handkerchief can strengthen high-level agent for a bottle of it!
  Peizhou Li that is showing a hint of specialization smile: “Hello, ma’am, what help you need?”
  Eliza’s gaze lazily swept clinic furnishings, and then see the fox squatting on the seat when paused sight, hook lip shallow smile: “It’s a cute little guy, it your children do?”
  Mr. Fox: “.”
  Pei Zhou hear each other to praise their A北京夜网ifei, there is a happy and are truly proud of, he touched the large fox fur, said: “No, it is I picked up.”
  Eliza finally look to the eyes Pei boat, saw it was a young and handsome young human, she looked some more modest: “You are really a good human