is some bias position, but how that is so much a piece of land it, you ah, give hundred pence on the line!”Alan Li thought again and said.

  ”OK, the village head, I know that tomorrow my household is not able to settle down and sealed the Yamen?”Sumi and confirm again.
  ”Supposedly the line, took the village to open a new account there and prove it away, but you that nine pieces of silver ready or not?”Some worry about the mayor said.
  ”I go back and think of a way, how should scrape out!Village, I tried to get back.”After thinking about themselves and Sumi Chengzhi Li are no longer subject to the constraints, has been unable to control themselves about the joy of heart, and quickly leave back home.
  ”how about it?how is it?”Just got home, Sumi was under the house and turn the Zhang Yuyu grabbed asked.
  ”It is finished!Yu Yu!Became the!You see this is the household registration!Tomorrow I’ll just go Yamen to build a chapter on the bin!”Sumi now the mood is also particularly excited, just like a child jumped up and down like a pulled Zhang Yuyu.
  After coming here for so long, until today is considered out of Li in the true sense, no longer have to worry about Chen苏州夜网gzhi and blossoming will one day was taken away, she even dreamed to Wang Li did not die, come back Chengzhi and blossoming put the band back!The two children are two of her most anxious people in this strange world, if they lost, she probably is no way to live a.

  ☆, eighty-fifth chapter: Hu cake fight

  From now on, she would never have to do anything binding the hands of!As long as you can save enough money to buy himself out, write in their own name, in this case, their big day be far behind.?
  ”Sumi, this friend how you so much ability?Official invited people can?After “Zhang Yuyu pleased some curious and asked.
  ”amount.”Sumi know this dynasty of people, especially rural people for the rulers have a deep sense of fear, and feel that the existence of superior, so Murong Sheng can ask for a move Guan Chai thing is very cu杭州龙凤桑拿rious, ask around too They are reasonable.
  ”Nah, not Guanci friends, the two men