[How to choose good flower glue?

】 _How to choose_How to choose

[How to choose good flower glue?
】 _How to choose_How to choose

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, Maw has a good therapeutic effect. It can not only tonify the kidneys and impotence, but also is effective for waist and knee weakness and weakness. Nowadays, it is a health product and is well received by everyone.

But the market is complex and there are all kinds of flower gels. If you don’t know how to choose, you’re afraid the money will be like running water.

Today I will teach you the practical skills of choosing Maw, and memorize it quickly!


The top fish varieties of the species are white flower gum, yellow flower gum, catfish gum, and door gum according to the ranking of the species.

Authentic yellow flower gum and white flower gum are rarely seen on the market.

According to the level of fish gelatin, it can be divided into money belly, spider belly, catfish white flower gum, big ears, Taishan, red chicken, red mouth and so on.

In addition, other fish species have a wide variety of fish gelatin, such as Beihai, Tawau, Shuangya, Jinlong, and eel.


The color is clean with pores, no blood tendons and blood stasis, translucent, and the color is yellow and translucent.


The size, thickness and thickness of the same type of gelatin, the thicker the gel, the better the quality, the so-called “ten catfish one or two gels”.

It can be seen that a few or two heavy pieces of Maw weigh tens of catties.


Dry and humid flower gels should be as dry as possible. When purchasing flower gels, you can place them under the light. If the flower gels are translucent, the quality is better.

The high-humidity gelatin is dull and dull, and even some of the gelatin does not dry out when it is dried. Generally, the periphery is transparent and the center color is turbid.

The longer the time, the moldy part of the flower will become moldy, and it will give off an odor after soaking.


Male and female choose flower gels to be divided into male and female. The male gums are shaped like saddles, the middle of the belly is thicker, and the two sides are thin, with V-shaped stripes. The thickness is thick, thick, dry and golden., Translucent is top grade, strong elastic teeth after casting.

According to the “broad belly”, it is slightly round and flat, resembling a wave plate, with horizontal or wavy patterns, thinner quality, easy to dissolve after boiling, softer taste, and cheaper price.

Maw males are better than Maw females.


High-quality Maw smells no fishy, no odor.

There is no fishy smell after stewing, and it is refreshing and slippery, but not slippery.


The darker the color of the gelatine, the older it is.

The advantage of aged flower gum is that the concentration of gelatin is reduced, so that the nutritional components are more easily absorbed by the body and more nourishing.

Old-fashioned gelatine of the same quality is better than new gelatine.