Green tea tea art

Green tea tea art


hzh {display: none; }  玻璃茶杯 香一支 白瓷茶壶一把 香炉一个 脱胎漆器茶盘一个 开水壶两个 锡茶叶罐一个 茶巾一条 茶道器一套 绿茶每人2—3克  基本程序:  1.Incense incense in addition to mourning 7.

Tea, Jasper, Shenjiang 2.

Wash the ice heart to the dust.

The tea Guanyin holds the jade bottle 3.

Liangtang jade pot raises too and 9.

Tea ceremony spring wave show flag gun 4.

Investing in the Qing Dynasty to welcome the bride.

Scented tea Hui Xin Wu tea 5.

Run tea Ganlu Runlian heart 11.

Tea is light and medium to taste 6.

Flushing the Phoenix three nods.

Xie tea from the Ford infinite green tea program explained: the first: burning incense in addition to chanting saying: “tea can be self-cultivation, tea as taste of life.

“The ancient and modern teas are all about calmness.”

“Incinerating incense in addition to mourning” is to create a peaceful and solemn atmosphere by igniting this incense.

  The second way: Bingxin goes to the dust tea, and it is clear and clean. It is the spiritual thing that Tianhan cultivates. The utensils used for making tea must also be clean and clean.

“Bingxin goes to the dust” is to clean the glass with boiling water and then clean the glass, so that the tea cup is clear and clean.

  The third way: Yuhu Yangtai and green tea belong to the bud tea. Because the tea is tender and tender, if it is directly brewed with hot boiling water, it will destroy the vitamins in the tea bud and make the mature soup lose flavor.

It is only advisable to use boiling water of 80 silica.

“Jade pot raises too much” is to pour the water in the kettle into the porcelain pot for a while, so that the water temperature replaces about 80 degrees.

  The fourth road: the Qing Dynasty Yingjia people Su Dongpo has a poem: “Playing a small poem, do not laugh, always like a beautiful woman.”

The Qing Dynasty welcoming the bride is to use teaspoon to put the tea into the ice-clear glass.

  The fifth road: Gan Lu Run Lian Xin good green tea appearance such as lotus heart, Qianlong Emperor called the tea “Run Xinlian”.

“Ganlu Runlian Heart” is the effect of injecting hot water into the cup before re-opening, thus moistening the tea.

  Sixth: Phoenix three-pointed when breaking green tea also pays attention to high flushing. When the water is flushed, the kettle has three rhythms, like the Phoenix nod to the guests.

  The seventh road: After the jasper sanqing River rushed into the hot water, the tea first floated on the surface of the water, and then slowly sinking into the bottom of the cup, we call it “Jiyu Shen Qingjiang.”

  The eighth road: Guanyin holds the jade bottle Buddhist story. The legendary Guanyin Bodhisattva field holds a white jade bottle. The nectar in the net bottle can eliminate the disease and save the suffering.

Miss Tea Art worships the soaked tea to the guests. We call it “Kuanyin holding jade”, which is intended to bless people’s life.

  The ninth: Spring wave exhibition flag gun This program is a special program of green tea art.

The hot water in the cup is like a spring wave. Under the soaking of hot water, the tea bud slowly spreads out. The pointed leaf buds are like guns, and the unfolded leaves are like flags.

One bud and one leaf is called a flag gun, and one bud and two leaves are called “bird tongue”.

Before enjoying the green tea, enjoy the tea in the clear clear water. The tea buds in various poses sway in the glass, as if the green elf of life is very lively and interesting.

  The tenth road: Hui Xinwu tea fragrant green tea to have a look, two smells, three tastes, after enjoying the “Spring wave show flag gun”, you should smell the tea.

Different from green tea and oolong tea, green tea has a more elegant and elegant tea. It must be sent to the heart to be able to smell the spring, and the fragrance of life is unspeakable.

  The eleventh: The tea soup of the light green tea tastes pure and sweet, light and mellow. Although it is not as rich and mellow as black tea, it is not as intoxicating as oolong tea, but as long as you carefully choose it, you will be able toFrom the faint green tea fragrance, the world goes to the clear, to the mellow, to the true, the beauty of the charm.

  The twelfth road: claiming that there is no more than a bottle of tea, there are three music, one glimpse: the only one is God, one person faces the green mountains and green water or the elegant tea room, through the quality, the heart is grand, the gods are natural, the things I forget,This is also a joy; second: the fun of the product.

Two intimate friends are relatively good at quality, or they don’t have to speak a lot, they have a heart and soul, or they are heart-to-heart, and they are also happy.Confucius said: “There are three divisions with my teacher.” Everyone gathers tea, communicates with each other, and inspires each other. You can learn a lot of books to learn immoral knowledge. This is also a great pleasure.

After making the first tea, please invite the guests to make tea, brake through practice, and feel the self-cultivation and taste the joy of life from the tea activities.