Let her continually end up with the ultimate skills!

Let her continually end up with the ultimate skills!

Women are more likely to talk than men, and this will not change even when making love. Their conversations are more responsive, so the more you communicate with her, the more likely it is to excite her.

  When you stroking her pussy, don’t forget to talk to her, especially about where you are.

  Look at it now, gently separate the labia majora and see the labia minora, if you want, gently lick them.

Then slowly pull the upper part of her vulva until you see her clitoris (or nucleus).

The size of a woman’s clitoris is different, just as your man’s penis is long and short, but it doesn’t matter to her ability to reach orgasm.

This is just a description of her clitoris instead of the part hidden under the foreskin.

  When you go to stroke a woman’s pussy, please remember to wet your fingers.

Either use saliva or use the body fluids she secretes. Always be wet, especially if you are touching her clitoris.

Be aware that the woman’s clitoris does not secrete any body fluids, and it is extremely sensitive.

If your fingers are dry, it is easy to poke it.

But you can’t rush to touch her clitoris now, step by step, before her excitement, the woman’s clitoris is very fragile teasing.

The part between her legs is the softest part.

Look at it, kiss it, and draw various graphics on it with your tongue.

Try to be close to her pussy, then slowly remove her head and let her want it more urgently.

  Now lick the folds between her thighs and the vulva and bury her nose in her hair.

Use her tongue to stroking her cracks back and forth to stimulate her, but don’t force it down.

When she can’t help but tighten her body and lift her feet and you can get closer to her, you can do the next step: press your tongue on her crack.

  Kiss her, first gently, then gradually increase the force, then use your tongue to separate her labia majora.

When she is fully open, she uses her tongue to move up and down her pussy.

Gently separate her legs by hand.

Remember that everything that works when you taste a woman should be gentle.

  It is very extraordinary to use her tongue to marry her. This can even arouse her wholehearted passion, because her clitoris will need more care.

Then don’t hesitate to see if her clitoris has been hard enough to break the cover that was originally covered, and if so, lick it.

If not, maybe it is still waiting for your discovery.

Then put your tongue on the upper end of her pussy to feel the presence of the clitoris.

You may not feel it right away, you can’t even find this little pearl, you can still let it come out by rubbing the skin covered by the clitoris with your tongue.

Gradually, she turned her back into the foreskin.