approximatelyAfter Mo Ten minutes later, the door is opened from outside the box.
  Barman waves and gentle voice: “Miss, please.”
  A fishing smiling at the door of facial features exquisite beauties.
  Eye great beauty peach, parallel microchannels down slightly at the end of eye, pinkish halo around the eyes, the kinds of style, eyes noted that stack.A khaki trench coat, even more waist long thin legs, pretty and handsome.Stepping on flat shoes also higher than the next half a head waiter, visual meter eighty above, the following are the thoracic legs, chest is quite flat.
  Pingping curl toward the door of the big beautiful smile A fishing.
  A smile to indicate Fishing.
  Waiter heart swing深圳桑拿全套 captivated, I feel themselves invincible lucky today, actually encountered two Chaoliang pretty little sister, all caught big star.
 北京夜生活网 A fishing: “What to drink?”
  ”Tippy.”Smoke deep throat dumb.
  A fishing: “What to eat?”
  Big beautiful glance at the table quite close to his appetite exquisite refreshments, micro invisibly raised his eyebrows: “These Enough.”
  A fishing a little nod, shot from the side of the waiter: “The trouble on tea.”
  The eye is not enough waiter startled the next, should be good quickly on tea, reluctantly step down.
  Big beautiful amorous smile: “You are not surprised.”
  A fishing continued to smile: “accidentally heard of Xu’s hobby.”Women chiefs, Nice to meet you.
  ”You’d informed news.”Smoke voice becomes moist and mild male.
  A fishing laughed language.
  Xu new look in her face around the wound, did not ask where she heard it, straight to the point: “What do you want investigation?”
  A fishing push past three photos a北京桑拿re Fengyuan Peng, Feng Kai and Gu Yaping, after the two photos of her last night over the wall found on Feng Kai Facebook p