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  End cope Wen Qingshan, nine Dayton warm feel really tired, he took a deep breath, take this Wang Menwai.
  Just out of the parlor, temperature and nine saw, a Lu Jia Jia苏州桑拿网 Ding, led Wen Ke came.Real little sister online service to help you find the book to accompany you to chat, micro / letter / search / heat cable network text or rdww444 waiting for you to tease?

  687 go to a place

  ”Sister, you okay?”Ke Wen Wen saw nine on the trot coming toward her, she looked a bit worried.
  Wen nine to see him like this to understand, he is definitely in the home land at the gate he met angrily departed Wen Qingshan.
  Sure enough, the next second Ke Wen heard asked: “Why do this to Zandie?”
  For the purpose of temperature nine Wen Qingshan, as well as just their attitude on the Wen Qingshan, have Yiwuyishi with Ke Wen said.
  Ke Wen also listened gas will not do: “Sure enough, let him know your sister’s marriage with Miss Big Brother after, so he will!Sister, today you get rid of him, but Paul missing he will come tomorrow, when the time will not trouble the home land of utter confusion it?”
  And nine as temperature, t苏州桑拿emperature Ke Wen Qingshan grew up in front of growing up, of their father is any virtue is crystal clear, and he could not help but worry about them for future temperature nine days.
  ”Do not worry about him, after soldiers to the breakwater to soil flooding, there must be the solution.Do not say this, Ake, how about you over there?Are you still in town, I do not mean to leave here to go to the other side of Victoria Peak join forces with the big do?when are we leaving?”
  For the nine-temperature, the temperature Aoyama did nothing, or their brother next trip uppermost in her mind.
  ”Sister, I’m just here to tell you farewell, and so we ha