lly either well-known wit, either large Confucian.

  The Song Jie, cloud Che have not heard his name before, it was Liang Wu to recruit, which it very fresh.
  ”I have heard, this man is rivers and lakes are what help the main fact Taiping.”Zhou Xiangting said..
  ”L广州桑拿ord help peace?”Cloud Che heard that, his face changed a bit.
  ”Taiping help?”Yun Kun also spoke.
  Wen nine Some do not understand that this peace is to help in the end what to do, how to make cloud with cloud Kun Chul two people so concerned about?
  However, it looks Song Jie Zhou Xiangting just described, the temperature nine would think that, in the Song Jie Liang Wu Liquor Authority emerged, but added that Song Jie saved with her, sounds like a man ah!
  ”Peace is what helped organize?”
  ”Peace is to help the last decade, the rise of a gang in the southern area, in fact, is the underworld.”Cloud said Che.
  ”However, this is to help peace, with the ordinary gangster quite different, I heard help is very particular about the Pacific moral, very abide by the rules of the political arena, however, to offend their opponent杭州夜网s, but means very cruel.Over the years, help peace in the southern area, in charge of private salt business, so more and more d深圳桑拿网evelopment and growth, and make peace and help reputed in the world, there is one thing, that is, they are about 45 years ago when the world first gang, to devour.”
  ”Number One gang?”Wen nine frowned, thinking in this day and age, what is the best in the world gang, she thought for a moment, suddenly want to understand:” the first gang, is said to be beggars?”
  ”Yes, that beggars, however, that once the.Now the best in the world gangs, helped Taiping.”
  ”Peace is how to help the beggars to annexation?”Wen nine curious.
  Also helping her curious is that schola