rother in his room studying it.”Cheng said South.

  Fear of not playing the game right?
  Gu did not expose sleep, rubbed her little head南宁桑拿: “go to bed early, have school tomorrow.”
  Cheng Nan nodded politely: “Good night, Mom.”
  Gu sleep “love” smile: “Good night.”
  Cheng Nan wearing slippers da da da upstairs.
  Gu sleep drink a glass of water before going upstairs.
  Before entering the room, her room door north road course, thought, did not knock on the door, but went straight through.
  I heard footsteps sit up in bed Cheng North, heard footsteps paused outside the door, and da da da walked away, he froze for a moment.
  ”Wow!Gu sleep, you have to plug in the end how ah?How you put it so nice out?”Jiang Cheng Cheng fiddle with their work at the same time, a glance at the next to Gu sleepless flower arrangement works, suddenly was amazing to, I could not help but exclaimed.
  Gu Cheng Cheng Jiang Mian looked insert a mess of work, smiled: “Your color is 上海夜网also very ingenious.”
  Jiang Cheng Cheng stick your.
  Gu sleep nor idle nothing to go shopping every day, she reportedly had a flower arrangement to seriously by the floral classes.At this point, she had to thank Subing Qing, she trained aesthetic foundation for floral, floral in this class, her works often get the teacher’s praise.
  Jiang Cheng Cheng Gu sleep in floral classes met new friends, only twenty years old this year, a lovable round face, big eyes and a small mouth, small to wear suspenders denim skirt, tie a ball head, pressing youth she had just graduated from college, it is a small wealthy people, nor looking for work, open every day in her little red sports car everywhere Saobao.
  The flower arrangement classes Jiang Cheng Cheng reported to her mother, hoping to escape altered her temper, s