Mother all right, do not be afraid, ah.”

  Although she now has two new babies, may Hsiao Hung Sheng temperature for nine, is her most important is the first child when his mother let him understand what people feel.
  Hsiao Hung Sheng very sensible, do not want to worry about the temperature nine, and quickly wiped away her tears, she looked up and breaks through his tears: “Mother, you are awesome, you’ve worked hard!”
  Bad things all over, now Shaw Hung Sheng also very happy, because he not only had my sister, my sister has been looking forward to, but also more than a brother.

  1682 swaddle the little guy

  A苏州夜网ny connection with Xiao Hong and Xiao Yu Sheng both father and son that for a moment, then asked this warm nine.
  ”That’s two siblings do, hold to let me see it!”
  She gives birth to a son last night when the accident occurred as she bent only save his child’s life, such as his son back to life after the collapse of the whole body, directly on the sleeping passed.
  ”No, you have to eat, eat something.”
  Tonic soups are prepared in a small kitchen with stew, warm, as long as the temperature ninety-one wake took over her to eat, Xiao Yu would have greeted Hongmei, no more than a moment rich supplements placed on a kang table, there What bird’s nest sea cucumber chicken soup, a variety of herbs make up the body, who can think of are all here, a total market of more than a dozen small bowl-like.
  ”I eat them ah.”Wen nine some silent, even if南宁桑拿 she was frail, but can not make up too, or else a few days later you have to become a big fat man.
  ”Do not let you eat all, you have to lug your favorite variety of bite.”
  Xiao Yu said, were the first of reach for a bowl of bird’s nest soup, warm person to feed nine.
  ”I myself eat.”Wen nine bit embarrasse