Yu Xiulian two agreed on this marriage, Ye Yingmei hear the words, naturally he nodded: “I heard the father.”
  Yeying Mei Qi Chuanzong follow up, this is Lei Jun want to see the injury, if it hurts too heavy, you can excuse the marriage drained away, but he just came in, we have not yet had time to see where Lei Jun injury, it was his father’s words upset All plans, he does not want to obey, but his father was staring eyes, has long been in awe of his father, so he could not spit anything, it should be the only vaguely.
  深圳桑拿网For a time, Ye Yingmei overjoyed, Lei Jun’s arm patting the bed: “military child, thank you not to grandfather?”
  Lei Jun Qi Chuanzong just look at, to know his thoughts, before he refused to let his family know Qi injury, also avoid phenomena twists and turns, but in the end did not hide it, he did not think Father also in attendance to support him and Qi Yue’s marriage, and for his thoughtful, this moment, he is really grateful to Father, and he will move the legs down, he got up and wanted to thank him.
  Qi Yue look at his leg moves, he guessed his move, his hand to him: “Do not move, you too wound is not deep enough yet?”
  Qi Yongfu look to him and said: “You do not thank the old man I can give you today set a wedding date for a future if you bully Qi Yue, the old man also picked up a pole to knock off your legs.”
  His v苏州夜网oice was flat, he had no momentum, but it contains the meaning of his words so that the presence of men subconsciously stepped up their legs.
  Lei Jun also feel some cold legs, he knew these words Qi Father is serious, he carefully replied: “Rest assured, I will not give you the opportunity.”
  Qi Yongfu glance at him, leaving the sentence: “Remember the words you say today.”Then out of the hands behind the house.
  House only广州桑拿 two people, Qi Yue is her re-appearance, but also a bit uncomfortable at this moment, she wanted to go away, but was pulled Ye Yingmei.
  ”Yue Yue do not go, you do not be shy, we are one family, and what is your request, although mention any ideas, though we can not set a precise date, but the marriag