o say.

  She does not throw in the towel, simply change a statement: “I am not.”Ji Zhou Zhou.
  .Damn, those words could not say.Zhou Zhou Ji pain is about to faint, just after refreshing will continue, but was tired Gu a book covered his mouth.
  ”I do not know, you do not say, do not want to know.”Gu book tired voice was trembling, eyes full of remorse,” No matter what you are not, as long as a healthy stay with me, I do not know anything.”
  Zhou Zhou is the whole season twice, has been completely weakness, paralysis speechless for a long time in the care of his arms tired book.Gu tired book tightly hugged her as if she was afraid to leave the same, anxious people embedded in the bones.
  Zhou Zhou Ji hesitate to se北京体验网e him this look amused, I knew the story would have made preparations, in respect of her earlier confession, maybe tired Gu book would have distressed her, and today we will not have to compromise.
  ”I think tonight I was a good person to sleep.”Zhou Zhou Ji swallowed, opening unsteadily.
  Gu tired eyes a dark book:”it is good.”After he finished, put the man in his arms and strode to her room, helped wipe the sweat covered with blankets, he turned to leave.
  Zhou Zhou Ji resumed for a moment, took out his cell phone to call the master, a connected phone, she shouted: “I am not of this world people!”
  ”.Most of the night without sleep, why you say this?”Master yawned.
  Ji Zhou Zhou paused, Ningmei: “Why is this sentence can tell you, with no way to say that Gu tired book?”
  ”Nonsense, you know what the secret is not leaked yet?He is an ordinary person, how may qualify to listen to these “masters continue to yawn,” I’m not the same, I’m not ordinary people.”
  Zhou Zhou Ji speechless: “So you want to let him know the truth, I had to let him become a monk?”
  ”Are you all to let him know the truth why?”Master voice suddenly serious.
  ”I was with him for北京兔兔体验网 life, and you think I could conceal a lifetime?”
  ”Of course, unless you put yourself against Heaven regulator