A fishing sip Min Chun horn, the sound is not high but firm tone: “I want the dissolution of marriage and Lu Mingyuan.Engagement books have eight children between “Yan Jiayu and Lu Mingyuan, have legal effect.Impoverished family in case of shameless land Tieshanglai, and more sick people.

  ”it is necessary.”Wei Yingshao echoed.
  Cheng Yan a little nod: “Yan girl rest assured, this is something we will certainly completed.”
  A fish on the bed of the two facilities to a ceremony and replied: “The two adults kindness, I will never forget.”
  Weiying Shao burst of waves, almost to a sexual favors, but fortunately he stabilized the.
  A fish does not see the other requirements, revealing a tired face, Cheng Yan reluctantly took leave of Wei Yingshao.
  Ye physician to send them out.
  Deliberately go farther, Wei Yingshao to ask: “Ye adults, how about Yan girl body?”
  Ye physician look dignified, heavy Cheng Wei two people南宁桑拿 and went to Shen Shen.
  Ye physician: “poison into the internal organs have been, if not timely detection, within six months you have frail death.”
  Wei Yingshao swore Mother: “This is enough to poison the Lu Maodian.Ye physician, you must be a way, right.”
  Cheng Yan eyes looking at the leaves physician.
  Ye physician with a sigh: “Fortunately too recently got a new hospital detoxification prescription, can ease Yen girl who’s poison, but where can step decrepit did not dare to conclusions.Yan only to the physical condition of this girl now, is the poison the whole solution, and the body of bone can not be improved, there will be great loss of life obstacle on the number of.”
  ”Ye adults, you have to think of a way ah.”Wei Yingshao anxious:” Yan girl was sixteen years old, she was so pathetic, you must help her quest.”
  Ye physician a长沙夜网lso sympathet