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How to treat cervical pain, 6 yoga movements, easy to get

How to treat cervical pain, 6 yoga movements, easy to get

1 ostrich-style legs apart and shoulder width, lean over, put your hands under the feet, let the palms communicate with them, look up when inhaling, slowly relax when exhaling.

This posture can improve cervical fatigue and can be done together with the pug.

2 Fish flat lay, bow the body when inhaling, support the body with the head and head, form a hole in the back; knees back and cross, the palms close or intersect the elbow joint at the top of the head.

When you exhale, your body slowly relaxes and lies flat.

This action can place the force points and extension points on the cervical vertebrae, and it is helpful for the health of the lumbar spine, and can also eliminate the above wrinkles.

Beginners can straighten their legs, which is extremely extreme and the exercise goals are more clear.

3 Two movements of the tortoise-like breathing, in which the tortoise of the head is found from the shell.

Open your knees, sit straight, and return your calves to the roots of your thighs. The upper body leans forward and the palms open. When you inhale, the cervical spine is lifted and the chin rises.

When exhaling, the lower jaw is close to the top and the focus of the movement is decreasing.

The turtle type mainly exercises the complications of the cervical vertebrae, and it is also very helpful for shaping the neck line and eliminating the double chin.

4 The cat presses the kneeling position, and the hands and knees are used as the support points of gravity. When inhaling, the front is concave and the chin is raised upwards. At the same time, the head will be lifted upwards, pressed forward and downward, and the arms are stretched.Straight; when exhaling, arch the top and let the chin and chest close.

The cat’s fracture action at four o’clock can effectively exercise the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen, making the spine more flexible and reducing the coefficient of complications.

5 wolf fracture type hands and toes support the body, the legs must be straight, the head tilts back when inhaling, so that the front front side is fully stretched, the arm is perpendicular to the ground, and slowly exhales to return to the normal position when exhaling.

This posture is fully extended for the 26-segment spinal cord, stimulating the connection between the brain and the spinal cord, and is very helpful for the nourishment of the brain.

6 Pug-style legs straight, try to separate, the upper body is tilted down, hands support the ground, keep forward.

When inhaling, the hands are tilted vertically, and the head is lifted upwards. When exhaling, the top of the head, the elbow joints and the feet are used as the gravitational support points to keep the back of the waist depressed.

If you feel that the difficulty is too great, you can bend the legs slightly to reduce the pressure on the ligaments.

Intestinal toxic, dimly-colored, dilute, intestines, detoxification, essential foods

Intestinal toxic, dimly-colored, dilute, intestines, detoxification, essential foods

Click to buy a variety of toxins to stay in the body, it will cause great harm to health, and often eat some foods that are beneficial to the detoxification of the intestines, which is good for maintaining good health.

Then, some of these foods are good for detoxification of the intestines. Black fungus: The plant gum contained in the black fungus has an alternative adsorption force, which can absorb impurities left in the digestive system of the human body, clean the blood, and can effectively remove the body pollution.substance.

  Kelp: Alginic acid in kelp can slow down the absorption of the resonance element 锶, and make the sputum transfer to the body, thus having the effect of preventing leukemia.

In addition, kelp also promotes cadmium into the body.

  Pig blood: The plasma protein in pig blood is decomposed by enzymes in the digestive juice to produce a detoxifying and moisturizing substance. It can react with dust and metal particles invading the human body, and transform it into substances that are not easily absorbed by the human body.In vitro, there is the role of dust removal, bowel, and laxative.

  Apple: The galactose citrate in apples helps detoxification, and pectin prevents food from decaying in the intestines.

  Strawberry: Contains a variety of organic acids, pectins and minerals to cleanse the stomach and strengthen the liver.

  Honey: Since ancient times, it has been a good product for detoxification and beauty, containing a variety of amino acids and vitamins required by the human body.

Often eating honey while expelling toxins, it also has a certain effect on cardiovascular diseases and neurasthenia.

  Southern rice: It is a “plumber” that cleans the large intestine. When it passes through the series, it absorbs a lot of sediment and finally removes it from the body.

Bladder acne can play again and again!

Do you know why you have acne?

Bladder acne can play again and again!

Do you know why you have acne?

When I was 16 years old, I told myself that it was okay.

This is the time when I was 20 years old when I was adolescent. I told myself that it doesn’t matter. This is the tail of youth. Now I still have acne.

This acne is endless all day long. The reason for the long acne on various parts of the face. 1. Forehead acne: Cause: The pressure is high, the heart is hot, the temper is bad, often angry, causing heart fire and blood circulation.problem.
  Improvement: Get up early and get up early, drink plenty of water.

2, temples: small acne near the temple, showing that your diet contains too much processed food, causing gallbladder division, need to quickly clean up in the body; in the meridian is a collection and relief, when the digestive system is badIt will grow acne.

3, long eyebrows between the eyebrows: reasons: chest tightness, irregular heart rhythm, heart palpitations.

  Improvement: Don’t do too much exercise, avoid smoke, alcohol, spicy food.

  Two eyes, between the nose column: liver function is not good, it is best to live and work normally, do not stay up late, drink, smoke.

4, nose and pox: Cause: excessive stomach fire, abnormal digestive system.

  Improvement: Eat less cold food.

5, nose wing pox: Cause: related to ovarian function or reproductive system; when the gas is not smooth, it is easy to come up with acne.

  Improvement: Do not over-indulgence or abstinence, and breathe fresh air outdoors.

6, the left cheek acne: Cause: there is heat, easy to feel fatigue, dry mouth, liver function is not smooth.

Improvement: normal work and rest, keep a good mood, blow the cold air, do not let the body in a hot environment.

7, the right cheek acne: Cause: lung function disorders; easy to catch a cold, allergies.

  Improvement: Pay attention to the maintenance of the respiratory tract, try to avoid susceptible food such as mango, taro, seafood.

8, around the lips long acne: Cause: constipation leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body, or the use of excessive fluoride toothpaste.

  Improvement: Eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits 9, chin acne: Cause: endocrine disorders.

  Improvement: Eat less cold things 10, under the cheekbone: the digestive system is not good, nutrition is not easy to absorb.

11, under the cheeks to the ears: the body is cold, the reproductive endocrine system is abnormal, it is best to touch cold drinks or cold foods.

For other reasons, endocrine disorders endocrine disorders induced acne long in the lower jaw (including the neck) and two sputum.

Second, the hidden dangers of the digestive system show that the acne problem of the digestive system is longer than the mouth and chin.

Physical symptoms may be constipation, habitual diarrhea, hyperacidity, ulcers, etc.

Third, emotional stress due to emotional stress, temper, learning and work pressure, and the resulting acne is generally concentrated on the forehead.

Fourth, climate change climate, seasonal changes, sudden temperature changes, the regulation of sebaceous gland secretion failure, will cause short-haired acne, this acne usually spread throughout the face.

Five, bad habits do not pay attention to health, bangs too much too dense, thinking like using hand to hold sputum, face, not completely remove makeup, wash your face, do not pay attention to sunscreen.

“Three more than two less” conditioning diet principle 1, zinc can increase the resistance, you can absorb from corn, lentils, soybeans, radishes, mushrooms, nuts, liver and other foods.

2, cubes his life: Vitamin A has a regenerative effect on the skin (carrots, spinach, lettuce, apricots, mango, animal liver).

Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6 can participate in the metabolism of proteins, promote slight metabolism, and calm acne.

Of course, we must also pay attention to the replacement of dimension C and dimension E.

3, more crude fiber: promote hypertensive motility, accelerate metabolism, and make excess oil replace the body.

(whole wheat bread, bamboo shoots, soybeans) 4, less fat and sweet taste: such as animal oil, sesame, peanuts, egg yolk and other fatty foods.

5, less spicy sputum: spicy food is easy to stimulate nerves and blood vessels, easy to cause acne recurrence, and sputum is prone to allergic reactions, making the skin worse.

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Autumn health hot pot will add these six foods

Autumn health hot pot will add these six foods

Cool autumn comes, with the decline of high temperatures, many people like the hot pot.

“Let’s go, eat hot pot to go.” These two days, too many people called friends to meet friends and meet for dinner.

Indeed, several people sit around, warm and eat, and lively and atmosphere.

  The first six dishes of hot pot health must be eaten: When you eat hot pot, you should know that a sweet potato is an acidic food, while sweet potato is an alkaline food. In the stomach, you can neutralize the acid and alkali, try to make usMaintain a pH balance in the body.

  The second: more vegetables and vegetables in the pot can contain a lot of vitamins and chlorophyll, its nature is mostly cold and cold, not only can eliminate greasy, supplement the lack of vitamins in winter, but also cool, detoxification, bonfire, but vegetables do notCook for a long time, otherwise it will lose a lot of nutritional value and clear fire effect.

  Tips: Suitable for vegetables with mutton. When eating mutton, it should be combined with cool and flat vegetables, which can decompose cool, detoxify and remove fire.

  Cool vegetables generally include melon, loofah, rapeseed, spinach, cabbage, enoki mushroom, mushroom, lotus root, white lotus, bamboo shoots, cabbage heart, etc.; and sweet potatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. are flat vegetables.

  The third way: put some tofu in some tofu containing gypsum, put the tofu in the hot pot properly, can not only replace the replacement of various trace elements, but also can play the role of gypsum heat, purging fire, remove trouble, quench thirst.

  The fourth way: you can add some white lotus white lotus is rich in a variety of nutrients, is also a good medicine for the body tonic.

It is best not to abandon the lotus heart, because the lotus heart has the effect of clearing heat and purging fire.

  The fifth way: to put some ginger ginger can season, cold resistance, hot pot should be placed in the peeled ginger, because the ginger skin is cool, there is the role of scattered fire to remove heat.

  Sixth: Maximize the yogurt. After eating the hot pot, you can drink some fermented yogurt. The yogurt can protect the stomach mucosa and promote digestion.

  How to eat the hottest meat to cook the most raw meat to cook the soup at the bottom of the pot, meat, fish balls, prawns, bean skin, seafood, lettuce, noodles. Think about it, eat raw food, simmered in a pot,This is the hot pot.

Chen Gaiyun said that raw and cooked in a pot, the fire must be grasped.

Some people pay attention to the taste. The meat pieces are taken out in the pot and then fished out into the mouth. The mouth is cool, no bacteria are allowed, and the parasite eggs are also in.

  Eat hot pot, meat must be cooked thoroughly, the degree of bloodshot is best not to eat, the bacteria and parasite eggs carried on the raw meat can be killed by thorough heating, otherwise it will cause stomach infection and other diseases.

The importance of mouth is still important to health, I believe everyone understands.

  In addition, the tableware used for sandwiching and holding raw food should be separated from the tableware directly imported, and should not be mixed with raw materials to avoid contamination with germs.

Soybean fried beef and cold-baked pork, nutritious and healthy

Soybean fried beef and cold-baked pork, nutritious and healthy

Soybean fried beef is more common with soy beans for cooking or stewing, such as soy duck, soy stewed pig hand and so on.

However, here is the soy bean soaked in the wok, added to the pot and added the thirteen fragrant roast, and then boiled with the beef granules and fried into a spicy flavor.

Ingredients: beef 200g soy bean 120g green red pepper 50g spicy sauce 20g parsley festival, thirteen incense, ginger, garlic, salt, cooking wine, sugar, MSG, raw meal, vegetable oil, the appropriate amount of steps: 1.

Cut the beef into small diced, add the salt to the bowl, the cooking wine and the raw powder first sizing.

In addition, the soy beans are soaked in water, and then placed in a water pot with thirteen incense and salt, and cooked and drained.


Put the oil in the net pot and heat it until it is 40% hot. When it is cooked, it will pour out the oil.


Stir the oil in the pot, sauté the ginger, garlic and spicy sauce, pour in the soy beans, beef diced and green pepper, stir fry and add salt, sugar and monosodium glutamate, stir well and serve, and sprinkle with parsleyServe.

The practice of cold-baked bacon meat is used for the bacon meat. The chef used to cook the dish. However, it is cooked in the opposite way. The entrance is spicy and delicious, which is quite attractive.

Ingredients: peeled boned pig head half white brine 1 pot green onion, ginger, minced garlic, pepper powder, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, red oil, sesame oil, the appropriate amount of parsley instead of the method of preparation: 1.

Take the boned pig head first and cure it. Add it to the boiling water pot and remove it. Then put it in the white brine pot and dilute it to the pork head. After picking it out and letting it cool, take the meat and get the bacon.


When you are out of the dish, cut the bacon meat into slices and add the ginger, minced garlic, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, red oil, sesame oil and green onion.

When loading, add some parsley, Serve.

Older people have sleep

Older people have sleep

Mastering the sleep method will have a restructuring benefit for health and longevity.

  Napping a lot of old people have the habit of taking a nap, but if you don’t sleep well, you feel uncomfortable; take a rest after lunch for 15-30 minutes, and don’t lie down immediately after a meal.

Napping time should not be too late, 30-60 minutes is appropriate.

Avoid sleeping on the tuyere, cover your chest and abdomen to get something cold.

There is a new way of thinking. I think that it is good to have a good afternoon nap before eating. It only takes half an hour to sleep and even sleeps two hours after a meal to eliminate fatigue.

  Sleeping and sleeping are normal physiological phenomena. People can only stay up to 4 hours when they are fully awake. Dozing off can charge life.

If the elderly are yawning again and again, they must consider whether it is a prelude to cerebrovascular disease. They should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

  Sleeping at night is a good time to sleep.

Sleeping shortly after lying down is the most beneficial to your health.

If you suffer from neurosis and it is difficult to fall asleep, you should hypnotize yourself by self-regulating or changing sleeping pills.

The “going natural” advocated by Morita therapy is very useful for insomnia.

  The sleeping posture is more declared as the right lateral position. After practice, the left and right lateral positions are not much different.

But don’t put your hands on your chest while lying on your back, avoid prone position (squatting in bed).

In the winter, you can’t use the quilt to sleep, so as not to inhale too much carbon dioxide to damage your health.

  The incidence of cervical spondylosis in the elderly is high, and the pillows should be moderately soft and hard, so as not to aggravate the condition.

  Chinese people have always advocated admitting to get up early and get up early. The old people should decide according to the actual situation. If they exercise early in the winter and get cold, they should not get up too early.

  After waking up and sleeping, the complication of stroke occurs. The reason is that the old body gradually degenerates, the blood vessel wall hardens, and the elasticity is weakened. When it changes rapidly from the sleeping position, the upright position after getting up, from static to dynamic, hemodynamicLearning mutations, and physiological functions can not be well regulated, resulting in sharp fluctuations in blood pressure, easily lead to aging cerebrovascular thrombosis or rupture.

This is the most important factor, as well as the platelet factor.

It is not advisable for the elderly to start bed immediately after waking up, and the movement should be slow. To do “three and a half minutes”, that is, wake up in the morning or at night, lie flat for half a minute, sit in the bed for half a minute, and sit on the legs for half a minute.Finally, go down to the ground to avoid sudden changes in blood pressure.

Autumn is scarce, and there are five kinds of foods that can be eaten away.

Autumn is scarce, and there are five kinds of foods that can be eaten away.

Eating five kinds of foods can drive away the sleeping insects 1. Spinach spinach contains minerals, which are more easily deficient in women.

The role of magnesium in the human body is to convert the retina in the muscle into usable energy.

2, strawberry strawberry is rich in vitamin C, and vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron, so that the cells are nourished, so eating more strawberries can make people full of body.

3, soy products iron is the main medium for the production of human energy, it is responsible for the important task of delivering oxygen to human organs and muscles.

So you can eat some pig liver and lean meat, these are the best source of iron, but often eat some red beans, black beans or soybeans, can also supplement the role of iron, and can effectively improve fatigue, powerless conditions.
4, tuna in high-protein fish, tuna is rich in tyrosine, tyrosine in the human body can help produce the brain’s neurotransmitter, so that people concentrated, quick thinking.

Adding these is a great help in treating sleepiness after lunch.

5, banana banana contains impurities that are easily absorbed by the body, while still remaining potassium.

Potassium can help maintain the normal function of muscles and nerves in the human body, but it can’t be stored in the body for a lot of time. After cardiovascular exercise, the body’s potassium will drop very low.

Eating a few bananas can supplement potassium deficiency.

These are the five kinds of foods that Xiaobian has carefully collected for everyone to fight against sleeping insects.

If you are always sleepy when you go to work, please eat these five kinds of food!

Let her continually end up with the ultimate skills!

Let her continually end up with the ultimate skills!

Women are more likely to talk than men, and this will not change even when making love. Their conversations are more responsive, so the more you communicate with her, the more likely it is to excite her.

  When you stroking her pussy, don’t forget to talk to her, especially about where you are.

  Look at it now, gently separate the labia majora and see the labia minora, if you want, gently lick them.

Then slowly pull the upper part of her vulva until you see her clitoris (or nucleus).

The size of a woman’s clitoris is different, just as your man’s penis is long and short, but it doesn’t matter to her ability to reach orgasm.

This is just a description of her clitoris instead of the part hidden under the foreskin.

  When you go to stroke a woman’s pussy, please remember to wet your fingers.

Either use saliva or use the body fluids she secretes. Always be wet, especially if you are touching her clitoris.

Be aware that the woman’s clitoris does not secrete any body fluids, and it is extremely sensitive.

If your fingers are dry, it is easy to poke it.

But you can’t rush to touch her clitoris now, step by step, before her excitement, the woman’s clitoris is very fragile teasing.

The part between her legs is the softest part.

Look at it, kiss it, and draw various graphics on it with your tongue.

Try to be close to her pussy, then slowly remove her head and let her want it more urgently.

  Now lick the folds between her thighs and the vulva and bury her nose in her hair.

Use her tongue to stroking her cracks back and forth to stimulate her, but don’t force it down.

When she can’t help but tighten her body and lift her feet and you can get closer to her, you can do the next step: press your tongue on her crack.

  Kiss her, first gently, then gradually increase the force, then use your tongue to separate her labia majora.

When she is fully open, she uses her tongue to move up and down her pussy.

Gently separate her legs by hand.

Remember that everything that works when you taste a woman should be gentle.

  It is very extraordinary to use her tongue to marry her. This can even arouse her wholehearted passion, because her clitoris will need more care.

Then don’t hesitate to see if her clitoris has been hard enough to break the cover that was originally covered, and if so, lick it.

If not, maybe it is still waiting for your discovery.

Then put your tongue on the upper end of her pussy to feel the presence of the clitoris.

You may not feel it right away, you can’t even find this little pearl, you can still let it come out by rubbing the skin covered by the clitoris with your tongue.

Gradually, she turned her back into the foreskin.

Green tea tea art

Green tea tea art


hzh {display: none; }  玻璃茶杯 香一支 白瓷茶壶一把 香炉一个 脱胎漆器茶盘一个 开水壶两个 锡茶叶罐一个 茶巾一条 茶道器一套 绿茶每人2—3克  基本程序:  1.Incense incense in addition to mourning 7.

Tea, Jasper, Shenjiang 2.

Wash the ice heart to the dust.

The tea Guanyin holds the jade bottle 3.

Liangtang jade pot raises too and 9.

Tea ceremony spring wave show flag gun 4.

Investing in the Qing Dynasty to welcome the bride.

Scented tea Hui Xin Wu tea 5.

Run tea Ganlu Runlian heart 11.

Tea is light and medium to taste 6.

Flushing the Phoenix three nods.

Xie tea from the Ford infinite green tea program explained: the first: burning incense in addition to chanting saying: “tea can be self-cultivation, tea as taste of life.

“The ancient and modern teas are all about calmness.”

“Incinerating incense in addition to mourning” is to create a peaceful and solemn atmosphere by igniting this incense.

  The second way: Bingxin goes to the dust tea, and it is clear and clean. It is the spiritual thing that Tianhan cultivates. The utensils used for making tea must also be clean and clean.

“Bingxin goes to the dust” is to clean the glass with boiling water and then clean the glass, so that the tea cup is clear and clean.

  The third way: Yuhu Yangtai and green tea belong to the bud tea. Because the tea is tender and tender, if it is directly brewed with hot boiling water, it will destroy the vitamins in the tea bud and make the mature soup lose flavor.

It is only advisable to use boiling water of 80 silica.

“Jade pot raises too much” is to pour the water in the kettle into the porcelain pot for a while, so that the water temperature replaces about 80 degrees.

  The fourth road: the Qing Dynasty Yingjia people Su Dongpo has a poem: “Playing a small poem, do not laugh, always like a beautiful woman.”

The Qing Dynasty welcoming the bride is to use teaspoon to put the tea into the ice-clear glass.

  The fifth road: Gan Lu Run Lian Xin good green tea appearance such as lotus heart, Qianlong Emperor called the tea “Run Xinlian”.

“Ganlu Runlian Heart” is the effect of injecting hot water into the cup before re-opening, thus moistening the tea.

  Sixth: Phoenix three-pointed when breaking green tea also pays attention to high flushing. When the water is flushed, the kettle has three rhythms, like the Phoenix nod to the guests.

  The seventh road: After the jasper sanqing River rushed into the hot water, the tea first floated on the surface of the water, and then slowly sinking into the bottom of the cup, we call it “Jiyu Shen Qingjiang.”

  The eighth road: Guanyin holds the jade bottle Buddhist story. The legendary Guanyin Bodhisattva field holds a white jade bottle. The nectar in the net bottle can eliminate the disease and save the suffering.

Miss Tea Art worships the soaked tea to the guests. We call it “Kuanyin holding jade”, which is intended to bless people’s life.

  The ninth: Spring wave exhibition flag gun This program is a special program of green tea art.

The hot water in the cup is like a spring wave. Under the soaking of hot water, the tea bud slowly spreads out. The pointed leaf buds are like guns, and the unfolded leaves are like flags.

One bud and one leaf is called a flag gun, and one bud and two leaves are called “bird tongue”.

Before enjoying the green tea, enjoy the tea in the clear clear water. The tea buds in various poses sway in the glass, as if the green elf of life is very lively and interesting.

  The tenth road: Hui Xinwu tea fragrant green tea to have a look, two smells, three tastes, after enjoying the “Spring wave show flag gun”, you should smell the tea.

Different from green tea and oolong tea, green tea has a more elegant and elegant tea. It must be sent to the heart to be able to smell the spring, and the fragrance of life is unspeakable.

  The eleventh: The tea soup of the light green tea tastes pure and sweet, light and mellow. Although it is not as rich and mellow as black tea, it is not as intoxicating as oolong tea, but as long as you carefully choose it, you will be able toFrom the faint green tea fragrance, the world goes to the clear, to the mellow, to the true, the beauty of the charm.

  The twelfth road: claiming that there is no more than a bottle of tea, there are three music, one glimpse: the only one is God, one person faces the green mountains and green water or the elegant tea room, through the quality, the heart is grand, the gods are natural, the things I forget,This is also a joy; second: the fun of the product.

Two intimate friends are relatively good at quality, or they don’t have to speak a lot, they have a heart and soul, or they are heart-to-heart, and they are also happy.Confucius said: “There are three divisions with my teacher.” Everyone gathers tea, communicates with each other, and inspires each other. You can learn a lot of books to learn immoral knowledge. This is also a great pleasure.

After making the first tea, please invite the guests to make tea, brake through practice, and feel the self-cultivation and taste the joy of life from the tea activities.

Let others understand your goodwill

Let others understand your goodwill

For imagination, sometimes we have to constrain it, sometimes to motivate it.

Imagination is the source of happiness and happiness, so it must be constrained by superior wisdom.

  Sometimes, imagination is like a black hole that can never be satisfied.

This strong impulse has led to our lives, making us happy, or unhappy, or melancholy, or proud.

For some people, imagination is like a shadow that entangles you and can only bring you melancholy.

For others, imagination is like an angel, bringing happiness and adventure, joy and ecstasy.

  Only reliable caution and common sense constrain the imagination and let it be used by me, otherwise they will do everything.

  Being good at seeing and knowing how to be good at analyzing and reasoning, once considered by an outstanding person as an art of strategy, is only far from enough.

We must learn to anticipate the future, especially in things that are confusing.

If you don’t learn to see it, you won’t be able to see the fire.

  Some people are good at trying to figure out the thoughts of others and gain insight into the ideas of others.

Some things that are closely related to us, wise people, although they know the details, are always half-swallowed, and want to say that they are still resting.

If you can pay attention to it, you can see it and know it.

  Therefore, for those things that seem to be simple, they are more credible, and they are more credible for things that seem to be harmful.

  Grasping the weakness of human nature To control others, you must first understand others.

Therefore, you must learn to understand the heart of others.

  Everyone has their own alternatives based on their own tastes, and they have something to worship.

Only these desires are deeply buried in the heart and are not known.

Some people have a heavy name, some people are very profitable, and most people like to have fun.

It is important to identify these people with certain desires.

Different keys open different locks, which is the driving force we are looking for.

  Desires are not all noble or explicit, and sometimes they may be humble.

There are always more unruly people in the world than those who follow the rules. You must measure their character, seek their weaknesses, and seduce them with their preferences, so that you may dominate their will.

  It is wise to act in a way that makes people’s tastes perfect. It is wise to not go to kitsch.

Secular applause will only make discreet people lose their keen judgment.

Those who love vanity are like chameleons, preferring to swallow the vomiting of others, but they are not willing to patronize Apollo’s gentle breeze.

Don’t let the knowledge of things flow through the clichés. Don’t talk about the miracles created by the vulgar people. No matter how good it is.

Most of the mediocrity is chasing things, but they will turn a blind eye to the clever things.

  Conduct is to be righteous and rational, and never to go astray because of a moment of anger or prevention of authority.

But where do you go to seek this kind of person who is just right?

There are very few people who are not blind.

Everyone praises this character, but no one is willing to walk.

Some people, although put into practice, throw it away when they have difficulty.

The politicians have changed their face and the yang is ruined.

To uphold the integrity of integrity, you must sacrifice friendship, power and even personal interests when necessary.

So many people would rather give up this noble quality.

  Some so-called smart people seek various reasons to excuse themselves, claiming to “take care of the overall situation”, “for security”, and so on.

A truly honest person will regard this deception as a benevolence, and a person who is willing to be a bright and upright person will not be a wise man.Truth is often in the hands of these people. If he has a disagreement with others, it is not that he is too fickle, but that others have given up the truth.

  Failure to do anything that is detrimental to your reputation can be detrimental to your reputation.

In particular, the inevitable impact of the contemptuous things is even greater.

  The waywardness makes the form of the gas different, and the wise man can not perform well.

Some people have no taste, and they are accepted by the wise people.

They behave strangely and are proud of them.

In this way, they are known to all, but they will only become the laughing stock of people, and there is little inner praise.

When pursuing the truth, those who are cautious should also avoid making things out of the limelight, especially in occasions where they are easy to surprise them.

Good things can’t be exemplified. A bad thing can ruin your reputation. Are many common satirical examples not enough to explain this problem?

  It is especially important to let others understand your goodwill as a boss.

By doing this, you will easily get the support of everyone.

One advantage of leadership is that it is easier to do better than anyone else.

The so-called friends are nothing more than those who can help you and treat you kindly.

  Some people just don’t want to please others, not because they are very troublesome, but because they behave arrogantly. In all matters, they do not follow the basic rules.

  It is often foolish to make bad deeds with the good luckers. For those who are bad luck, bad luck is always a series.

So don’t be evil, because there are more evils hidden behind the evil.

The key is that we have to know how to choose.

Xiao Shan wins big evil, the winner who sits in front of you is trying to be the most insignificant card and is more important than the loser trying to be the best card.

If you have doubts, it is best to make friends with smart and cautious people and cherish the time with them. They will be lucky sooner or later.