[How is the meat filling delicious?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How is the meat filling delicious?
】 _How to do_How to do

As the most unique cuisine in our country, dumplings and buns have now spread all over the world.

Especially the very fragrant meat filling is easier to be accepted.

However, from the aspect of making meat filling, everyone really has his own taste.

Some of them are delicious and some are not.

So, how to mix meat filling is the best?

Speaking of meat stuffing, it’s nothing more than dumpling stuffing and bun stuffing.

Everyone knows that there is no need to add water when mixing the vegetarian filling, because the vegetables in the vegetarian filling are already full of water.

But the meat is different and there is very little moisture in it.

Without water, the dumplings will definitely be dry and tasteless.

When exactly is it necessary to add water again?

It is easy to make meat fillings, but it is difficult to make meat fillings.

Mixing meat is not the imaginary cut of minced meat, adding ingredients immediately, oil and water are still a technical task.

So, should the delicious meat stuffing be filled with oil or water first?

It is important to understand this.

In fact, the first step is to put water first and then oil.

Many people make mistakes in this simple step, resulting in indigestible dumplings.

Putting water in first is to make the meat filling full of moisture, and then adding oil will make the meat filling tender and smooth.

This is just the most important step in the details.

Of course, the order of oil and water is important. We cannot ignore other steps. The choice of meat is equally important. Whether it is dumplings, buns, or ravioli, we must choose fatty and lean pork belly.Will be fresh and chewy.

There is also the fat-to-lean ratio of meat fillings. The fat-to-lean ratio in meat fillings is generally lean, so that eating meat fillings will be fat and not greasy.

If there are supplementary ingredients in the meat filling, like onions, ginger, etc., we can increase the lean portion; if there are supplementary ingredients in the meat filling, we can increase the lean portion;

Learn to change the proportion of fat and lean according to specific conditions.

After preparing the meat filling, we will start to add the ingredients. The first ingredient is salt. Don’t put too much. We can slowly try to increase until it is suitable. Then add water, green onion, ginger, pepper and soy sauce.There is also a small amount of oyster sauce, broken into an egg.

Then start to stir, the secret of stirring is to keep stirring in one direction.

After stirring well, add stirring water and continue stirring until it is even and thick. Water is added to make the meat chewy, and the stirring is to thin the meat.

Then sprinkle with ginger and spring onions. Finally add oyster sauce to improve the freshness and fishiness, and add soy sauce to color.

In this way, our meat filling has completed the step of adding water.

The final step is to drain the oil.

Add edible oil to the well-mixed meat filling and patiently stir evenly.

Remember that the oil you put here must be cooked oil. Cooked oil is healthy. If you add raw oil, the food you make is bad for your health.

The purpose of refueling is to lock the moisture in the meat.

Finally, if we want to make the meat filling more tender and smooth, we can add a small amount of white sugar to the stirred meat filling. The white sugar can have a freshening effect in the meat, but the amount should be appropriate or your dumplings will be sweet.