[Can I eat raw oysters for cough]_Cough_Can I eat

[Can I eat raw oysters for cough]_Cough_Can I eat

Oysters are oysters. They are a kind of food with relatively high nutritional value. They are very rich in zinc and have high-quality protein. For people who have a cold or cough, they can eat oysters.Eating oysters regularly can improve the body’s immunity, and can play a certain effect in preventing diseases and health care. It is a seafood with high nutritional value.

What to eat if you have a cold or cough?

1, avoid cold and cold during cough, cold food is easy to irritate the throat, causing cold pain.

When you are sick, you need to avoid all cold foods, especially cold drinks.

Such foods, combined with a worsening throat condition, are often worrying about their health and safety.

If it is a cold caused by infectious diseases such as bacterial dysentery caused by unclean food, the digestive function will decline. At this time, drinking cold drinks will not only aggravate the disease, but in severe cases, it will seriously worsen the disease or even threaten life.

2, avoid sweet and sour food sour food will astringent sputum, make sputum difficult to cough, resulting in cough difficult to heal.

Eating more sweets makes it difficult to heal arthritis.

When the cough is severe, watermelon, pear, banana, kiwi, apple, banana, orange, grape and other common fruits should not be eaten!

3. Avoid coriander For people who have a cold and cough, coriander must be avoided. When we have a cold cough, we all have different degrees of qi deficiency, and the coriander flavor can be dissipated.Damage the spirit, thereby worsening the degree of cold cough.

Not only people with a cold cannot eat coriander, but people who are prone to cold and cough should also keep away from coriander, so as not to cause or aggravate qi deficiency.

Experts point out that postpartum patients who have recovered after the illness often have a certain degree of qi deficiency, so they should also avoid eating coriander.

4, avoid fatty and thick taste Chinese medicine believes that cough is caused by lung fever, especially children.

Eating more fat and thick flavors in your daily diet can cause internal heat and worsen cough.

Also, do n’t eat more fried foods.

Because fried foods will increase the burden of high blood pressure, breed sputum, and make it difficult to heal a cough.

5. Avoid spicy food. Many people have a long-term cough after catching a cold. The reason is that they do n’t manage their mouths, and if they feel so good, they ca n’t help eating spicy and spicy food.

During the cold, the body temperature will improve, and the metabolism in the body will increase. At this time, you should avoid eating all spicy food.

If a spicy food triggers a bacterial infection and invades the tracheal mucosa, bronchitis is formed. At this time, the cough will intensify, sputum will form, and the cough will become persistent.