[A topic you do n’t even ask if a woman is killed]

[A topic you do n’t even ask if a woman is killed]

In sex, women encounter many sexual problems, big and small, and some problems make women shy.

I will take stock of them for you today.

1. Is vaginal cleaning necessary?

A: It is necessary to wash the vulva daily, especially during menstruation. Properly wash the vulva with warm water to prevent external diseased carcasses from entering the vagina. Do not rinse the vagina unless necessary. Gynecological lotions are not needed to maintain female reproductionThe natural line of defense does not disrupt the acid-base balance in the vagina.

You need your own special sink and towel.

The washing utensils should be washed before use, towels should be dried after use or air-dried, it is best to expose to the sun, which is conducive to sterilization.

2. Will supplementary sex cause harm to the vagina?

A: Excessive sexual life is prone to cause the vagina to be congested for a long time, which may cause vaginal mucosal damage and decreased vaginal resistance, which may cause gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis and cervicitis.