[Do scallops tonify the kidney?]_ Effect_Efficacy

[Do scallops tonify the kidney?]_ Effect_Efficacy

Today, seafood can be said to be a regular at our table.

With the development of seafood breeding technology, many cities far from the ocean can also see many seafood products.

Scallop is a very common seafood.

So, does scallops tonify the kidney?

Actually it is possible.

Scallops not only have a large amount of protein and minerals, but also have certain effects such as nourishing yin and kidney, and nourishing blood.

Scallops are the names for the bivalve molluscs of the genus Scallop, with more than 400 species.

More than 60 species of this section are one of the important marine fishery resources around the world.

Shell, meat and nacre have extremely high utilization value.

Many scallops are eaten as a gourmet.

Scallops, also known as sea scallops, are delicious and nutritious. After the dried muscles of the scallops are dried, they are called “scallops” and are listed as one of the eight treasures.

Shellfish mollusks contain Delta 7-cholesterol and 24-methylene acrylic acid, which have the function of reducing serum cholesterol. They also have the unique effect of inhibiting the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver and accelerating the excretion of plasma.
They are more potent than the commonly used cholesterol-lowering drugs in plasma.

After eating shellfish, people often have a refreshing and pleasant feeling, which is definitely beneficial to relieve some annoying symptoms.

1, brain health: retinopathy, energy necessary to maintain brain function.

2. Eyesight: predict calcium, increase the elasticity of the eyeball wall, and correct the occurrence and development of myopia.

3, spleen and stomach: suitable for weak spleen, abdominal distension caused by lack of transport, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, limb fatigue and other symptoms.

Warm the stomach and treat cold.

4, intestinal moisturizing: cellulose can promote the peristalsis of the intestinal wall, help digestion, and prevent dry stool.

5, beauty skin care: rich in vitamin E, inhibit skin aging and prevent pigmentation.

Eliminates skin damage such as dry skin and ulcers caused by skin allergies or infections.

6, blood circulation: suitable for people without Guanghua, rosy, cold hands and feet.

High iron content, good absorption.

7, cancer suppression and anti-tumor: effective prevention of cancer and reduce the incidence of canceration.

Delay and inhibit vitamin growth and spread.

Degradation of polysaccharides, shrinking.